Q:When should waivers get notarized?
A: If you are under 18 years of age and your parent/guardian is not present at the park.

Q: Do parents have to come even if waiver is notarized and you are a minor?
A: No

Q: Do have memberships ?
A: Yes we do. More info on memberships please check out the memberships page.

Q: If your are 18 or older, does a parent have to come? or waiver need to get notarized?
A: No

Q: Are drinks or food allowed in skating area?
A: No, food and drinks are only permitted in snack area and everyone has to clean up and place trash in proper waste cans.

Q: Are bikes allowed in the covered skate park area?
A: Up to Park Staff Discretion

Q: What are the hours of operation?
A: Monday-Friday 3pm-8pm; Saturday 12pm-8pm, Sunday 12pm-6pm. Summer & Holidays we open at 12pm.

Q: Are parents allowed in the complex area?
A: No, due to liability issues. Seating is provided for parents and siblings in the bleacher area.