Mission Statement

DROP IN ACTION SPORTS COMPLEX, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, whose mission is to create a safe action sports park where all youth and adults, inclusive of the disabled population, special needs, underprivileged, military personnel/veterans, and other non-profit groups can gather together in a way that fosters health, fitness, and social interaction and self esteem while participating in action sports activities. Palm Beach County has leased a plot from Loggers’ Run Park for DIASC to host this action sports complex.

Tax ID: 45-4206696

The Park is a 1.75 acres action sports complex located at Loggers’ Run Park 11185 Palmetto Park Rd., Boca Raton, FL 33428

It will be operated as a non-profit foundation committed to serving the community and people in a unique and positive way.

Board Of Directors

Cindi Shendell (Founder)

Jeff Schwartz

Keith Johnson

Zsombi Galantai

Al Grubow Plaque

Al was on our Board of Directors as Vice-President. He saw our vision and the benefit to the community and used his experience to make this dream come true. On his last visit to the skatepark a plaque was dedicated to Al. His heart and soul will always be with us. May he rest in peace.

Complex Build Team

Jeff Schwartz    G.C.

S.S. Rajpathak   SRI Consultants Inc. PE.

Raven Guerra   Architect

Ben Johnson & Crew  RampDoctors Inc.

Zsombi Galantai

Keith Johnson

Teak Gabriel

Diego Bonilla

Isaac Padron

Matt Shendell

And Other volunteers

Clay Jumps

Mitch & Jonathon Horne

Josh James

Charles Ginther

And Volunteers



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